Let's welcome 2014, with a perfect "PLAN"  and an honest "COMMITMENT" for a "HEALTHIER" and a  "FITTER" U!!! You are not alone in this journey, UFBC will be at your side, to help, encourage and support you along the way. UFBC is not promising U the moon, but we'll give you a STAR!
UFBC is launching the 'ULTIMATE STAR ADVANTAGE PROGRAM". It is not  a New Year's resolution(NYR), because, it does not work to call it that way! Every year, ALL OF US start with a NYR, but the drive and consistency to meet are goals are only achieved temporarily, it got us nowhere at the end.  UFBC calls this program AYHR, ALL-YEAR HEALTHY RESOLUTION!This time, let's move together, hand in hand, thru the ups and downs, of this journey! First thing that we should accept and be fully aware of is, this is an unending journey of fulfillment and joy, as we see progress, unfortunately, more often than not, it is accompanied by frustrating, trying and agonizing moments. It is never easy, but it can be done by changing our outlook to a healthier lifestyle! The results may not be seen fast enough to inspire us, but the longer you  stay and thrive on it, good  and encouraging results will follow and show! This is not a contest, a sprint or a race, it is our lifetime journey to a "BETTER" and "PROUDER" U!
This program is offered to all our dedicated UFBC MEMBERS who want to achieve the ULTIMATE benefit of exercise + healthy diet! Qualified participants will receive an expert nutritional guidance and access to the safest and most effective diet techniques and plan. Your diet is individually designed based on your goals, needs and lifestyle. Progress will be monitored by weekly weigh-ins.  Each participant will have an INITIAL FREE NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION  with CHED GONZALES, who is a certified NUTRITIONAL CONSULTANT AND BARIATRIC ASSISTANT. Monthly consultations are greatly encouraged as well. Group meetings will be planned periodically to ensure and enhance the success and commitment of every participant. Each week, you will post a STAR by your name if you lose 1 lb. or less, 2 STARS will be awarded for weight loss of 2 lbs. or more!  The first phase of the program is for three months.This is the start of our on-going journey to a Healthier and Fitter "U"! Stop by at the Bariatric office and talk to CHED!  Better yet, CALL FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY at 812-235-4006. Again, we can't promise you the moon, but we will give you a STAR!!!
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